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How to check the strength and protection of aluminum boxes

At present, most of the aluminum boxes above are mainly used for storing valuables. This requires high strength of the aluminum box and good protection at the same time.

Aluminum box should theoretically have at least 100KG impact resistance. After full load (after the instrument is installed), free fall from a height of 4.5 meters, the physical properties and measurement accuracy of the instrument in the box are unchanged.

Excellent moisture-proof performance, it can be quiet for 48 hours in an environment with humidity above 90%, and there is no abnormality in the contents of the box. Good buffering. After the contents of the box are transported for a long time (30 days) in various ways and various road conditions, the equipment in the box is normal and no damage.

強 Strong carrying capacity, the carrying capacity of civilian luggage is greater than 50 kg, and the carrying capacity of industrial and national defense luggage is greater than 100 kg (or customized over-standard box).

The strength of the aluminum box requires not only the superior quality of the materials, but also the reasonable design. Protection is provided by its internal shock-absorbing sponge.

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